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VILNIUS, Lithuania (ENI, 12/15/09) — Unwanted babies in Lithuania, who may have faced abandonment or even death, may now be left anonymously at special “windows of life” facilities set up with church support.
ROME (ENI, 12/15/09) — Pope Benedict XVI has said he is “disturbed and distressed” by the findings of an official report that says the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland failed to deal with allegations of sexual abuse.
COPENHAGEN (ENI, 12/14/09) — Bells pealed as a warning on climate change after the Archbishop of Canterbury told a church service in Copenhagen, attended by people from major faiths and Christian denominations, that humanity can only show love to all by making the earth a secure home.
GENEVA (ENI, 12/14/09) — Zambian-born John Nduna, an internationally experienced relief and development worker, is to head the Geneva-based ACT Alliance, which on Jan. 1 will become one of the biggest humanitarian networks in the world.
MOSCOW (AP, 12/12/09) — Russia’s highest court has upheld a ruling that halts the activities of a regional branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses and bans dozens of its publications.
LINFEN, China (AP, 12/12/09) — Towering eight stories over wheat fields, the Golden Lamp Church was built to serve nearly 50,000 worshippers in the gritty heart of China’s coal country.
ROME (ENI, 12/11/09) — An exhortation by Pope Benedict XVI to Brazilian bishops to reject “certain deceitful principles” of liberation theology has been condemned by a movement campaigning for reforms in the Roman Catholic Church.
HONG KONG (ENI, 12/11/09) — Hong Kong Christians who are used to the impact of typhoons and live in one of the world’s most crowded cities are among believers all over the globe who have committed themselves to practical measures to combat human-induced climate change.
ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP, 12/10/09) — When he was a Roman Catholic bishop, Fernando Lugo taught liberation theology to uplift the poor. Now president, he is in the uncomfortable position of sending special forces into Paraguay’s northern forests to hunt kidnappers whose leaders include a former student and his former altar boy.
GENEVA (ENI, 12/10/09) — Two hymn-writing sisters in the United States who use phone and e-mail contact to compose their songs have won an international competition to find the theme music for a global gathering of Reformed churches to be held in the country in 2010.

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