(AP, 12/12/09) — ‘A Single Man’ easily could have been one of those style-over-substance visual dazzlers, coming as it does from Tom Ford, the fashion designer who revived the house of Gucci.
(AP, 12/11/09) — ‘Invictus’ is a sports film that is more about what’s happening in the stands than on the playing field.
(AP, 12/10/09) — Odd as it sounds, Peter Jackson needed to come down to Earth a bit more in The Lovely Bones, his adaptation of Alice Sebold’s best-seller about a murdered girl looking back on her life from beyond.
(AP, 12/4/09) — When the young Tolstoy disciple Valentin Bulgakov (James McAvoy) arrives at the great Russian writer’s country estate, Yasnaya Polyana, he has no idea of the pitched battle he’s descending into.
(AP, 12/3/09) — On rare occasions, putting a novel through the Hollywood wringer does the story a real service.
(AP, 11/23/09) — It’s post-Katrina New Orleans and there are snakes in the water — none bigger than Terence McDonagh, an exceptionally corrupt detective, who slinks through town snorting coke, smoking heroin, harassing women and brandishing a .44 Magnum stuffed in the front of his pants.
(AP, 11/21/09) — Where would Hollywood be without that old standby, the vampire-werewolf-schoolgirl love triangle?
(AP, 11/13/09) — Cataclysmic disaster and apocalyptic doom, as foretold by Hollywood, have a way of bringing together broken families, revealing the unseen heroism of deadbeat dads and neatly disposing of their rivals.
(AP, 11/4/09) — As Hollywood closed specialty divisions that aimed for quality and personal stories, as studios focus more and more on superhero sagas and action blockbusters, cinema fans have rightly wondered, who’s left to make great American movies?
(AP. 10/29/09) — Watching Michael Jackson’s ”This Is It” will have fans grieving once again, but this time, it won’t only be for the fallen King of Pop, but for what we lost — a brilliant entertainer who gave every inch of his body and soul for what might have been one of the most spectacular comebacks of all time.

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